... my name is cheryl tanja gschwind...

always working on some projects mostly for a client. 
from time to time, if there is time, I work for an own project 
that combines the inspiration of & for my doing. 
like my slow fashion label "saiyo".
I work with hand woven fabrics from the native  mountain tribes in the philippines.

 my doing is my passion and I always do find creative solutions...

I was born in the 80´s, grew up in the 90´s & the series "Princess Fantaghiro", the movies "3 haselnüsse für aschenbrödel", "robin hood",  "addams family", "wizard of oz", "beetlejuice", "hook"  &  "hercules" were the reasons why I got in love with history, costumes & fashion. 
from then on my mom & my grandma had to sew clothes with me for all my toys and barbies...
thanks to my dad, my  granny & my mom. 
they were and is totally into handicraft. 
from carpenting to tailoring to cooking over gardening to music to art and doing a lot "do it yourself". 
I was raised by the perfect people for my job & my life today. 
had a thankful childhood with enough of room to bloom & to spread my wings.
my parents were/are very intelligent & open minded. knowledge, good manners & education was very important for them. so they gave me the best with me.    

on my life journey I met great people who inspired me, without them I would not be here & made a lot of different experiences. 
that made me to whom I am & for that I`m very thankful.
I just love what I do & love my job.